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Alex Knight

Author of the Nova Online Series (Warden #1, Renegade #2)

Alex Knight has raided from the Molten Core to the Heart of Fear in World of Warcraft; has led zerg rushes in Star Craft 2; and (finally) achieved Champion rank in Rocket League duos.

Though he was raised a Jimmy Buffet-loving, scuba-diving Floridian, he currently lives in Boston. His hobbies include writing books that redefine genres, cultivating a massive ego, and destroying opponents in Rocket League.

Alex is hard at work on Renegade, the sequel to Warden: Nova Online. To be released later in 2018.

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Oliver Mayes

Author of Occultist: Saga Online

Having studied (a word used here in its loosest possible sense) Chinese in Edinburgh University for four years, Oliver Mayes has spent the last seven years living in cities across China, working (also a loose definition) a variety of different vocations. He eventually found his calling in the education sector, where he has employed his debatable talent with varying success for five years.

In literature, his strongest influences are Terry Pratchett, Issac Assimov and Douglas Adams, although there’s a special place in his heart for Steven King’s ‘The Dark Tower’ series. His gaming experience is diverse: he has vague, terrifying memories of playing platformers on the Sega, which gave way to the glory days of Pokemon Blue (where the Pocket Monsters all looked weird), Final Fantasy 9 (apparently the easiest but he loved the characters and their stories) and Command and Conquer: Tiberium Sun (along with the other thousand or so Command and Conquer titles).

He strongly believes that every game has some element of problem solving which can provide value in the real world when viewed from the correct angle, but his favorites have always been RPGs, Strategy and Turn-Based Strategy games, which he enjoys to this day. 

His greatest gaming success was creating a Skyrim character named ‘Tony Stark’, levelling his Enchanting and Armorsmithing skills to 100 and creating innumerable sets of heavy armor that reduced the mana cost of his destruction spells to zero. He proceeded to destroy anything and everything that looked at him funny by spamming Impact buffed Fireballs until the game glitched out and gave up on him at approximately level 65. This is an example of the ‘direct approach’ to problem solving.

Steven Kelliher

Author of Mastermind: Titan Online

Hello Portal readers. My name is Steven Kelliher, author of the ongoing and bestselling Landkist Saga, an epic fantasy described as Princess Mononoke meets Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Before writing fiction professionally, I was working as a sports and entertainment writer, covering the UFC and professional fighting. My work has appeared on, LA Weekly. I've spent time in the ring myself, fighting in kickboxing and MMA matches before injuries took their toll. 

I'm also a lifelong gamer. While I've never been confused with a professional, I have placed in some regional Super Smash Bros. Melee tournaments in my day, and lately, I've contented myself by being a flex position player in the gold and platinum ranks of Overwatch. Diablo 2 and 3, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights are also some of my all-time favorites.

As you can see, I've got a thing for comic book worlds. In Titan Online, I've attempted to combine some of my favorite things: comic books, comic book movies, gaming, and speculative fiction to craft what I hope is a compelling, wholly original LitRPG novel ... with copious amounts of Superhero mayhem to boot.

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Demi Harper 

Author of God of Gnomes

Demi Harper is a freelance editor and writer living in the north of England (which is like Winterfell, only with less wolves and more graffiti). Her short fiction has appeared in anthologies such as Lost Lore and Art of War; she founded The Fantasy Hive in 2017, and has also written numerous articles for and Fantasy Faction.

Her initiation into gaming came during her college days, when she cut her teeth on her first RPGs: Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and (her personal favourite) Neverwinter Nights. This passion for gaming endured and developed further once she encountered the Final Fantasy franchise. After playing (and replaying, re-replaying) the adventures of Terra, Cloud, Zidane and co., she moved on to Fable and Dragon Age, and maintains to this day that she and Morrigan would be the firmest of friends if only the opportunity would arise for them to meet.

More recently, books such as Dungeon Born by Dakota Krout and Life Reset by Shemer Kuznits led her towards a new love of LitRPG. Enthralled by its possibilities, reading within the genre inspired her to create a story that would combine aspects of real-time strategy games such as Dungeon Keeper with her old love of RPGs. God of Gnomes will be her first novel.

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G.D. Penman

Author of Dungeons of Strata

G.D. Penman is the author of the Witch of Empire series, the ghostwriter of more than 50 books and a freelance games designer; most recently prodding sleeping gods in Whispers of the Green, rewriting history in Consortium’s time travel campaign, bringing some golden-age class to the superheroes of Empowered and injecting the Swarm and Aqua factions with new life in Era: Survival.

Strata Online is his first LitRPG, but judging by the folders of unused setting materials and RPG mechanics trying to burst out of his closet, it certainly won’t be his last. He is a veteran of the battlefields of Azeroth, The Northern Realms, Lordran, Tamriel and Thedas, but he left his heart in Baldur’s Gate. 

In “real life” he lives in Scotland with his partner, children, dog and cats. Just… so many cats.


Jonathan Smidt

Author of Bone Dungeon

Jonathan’s journey through life has been anything but slow. Being part of a military family, he moved across the world growing up, and having not learned his lesson, joined the Marine Corps right out of high school. This sent him on a whirlwind adventure, which even found him in the sands of Afghanistan. During all his travels, he found one thing always remained constant…he loved to read. Now, married and with life finally calming down a bit, he has begun to push his passion for literature even higher, aiming to give readers the kinds of books he has come to love with his own unique twist.

He has grown up in thousands of worlds, courtesy of not only literature and anime, but also his avid gaming life! Jonathan has spent countless hours on video games ranging from Final Fantasy to Pokémon to Guild Wars and WoW, while also enjoying tabletops such as D&D and Exalted.

Living in a game world isn’t enough for Jonathan though, and he has pushed to turn his own life into a classic RPG. On top of leveling up his writing and music abilities (he swears he is not a bard though!), he is currently learning the ancient art of blacksmithing, which places him at his forge working hot metal into blades on the weekends!

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Scott McCoskey

Author of Aether Frontier

Scott McCoskey regularly patrols New Vegas and Skyrim while building human colonies in Starbound. Ever the romantic, he has gone on virtual dates with his wife in both Star Wars the Old Republic and World of Warcraft. 

Originating in Washington State, he grew up in New Mexico, and currently lives in Maine. He is a father, husband, and manages to use his remaining brain power to write. Contrary to how he appears, he has a difficult time being serious.

He has a blog which is updated at least… once a year 😉 at UndefinedScott and can be found on Twitter @ScottMcCoskey


Tim Johnson

Author of CryoKnight

Hello Portal fans!

I’m Tim and am currently writing CryoKnight. This is the story of disgraced soldier Christian Lawson that comes out of cryo-jail only to end up trapped in the alternate game world of Valeria. Worse news, Wanderers like Christian have great value in the game so he must also fight from being used as a puppet my powerful NPC characters.   

I can’t wait to share this with you! I’m excited to write in the genre after enjoying some of the LitRPG classics and playing games all my life. My first love was Final Fantasy VII. From there I loved all the bio-ware games (I toured their studio in Edmonton, Alberta) and the worlds of Elder Scrolls. 

I’ve been writing books for ten years now, with my first novel finding success on Wattpad. I love to test myself and then take my learnings into my books – so I’ve fought in a cage-fight, done a skydive and learnt how to free dive … then swam with sharks.


Anthony Wright

Anthony Wright is a freelance editor, translator and writer based in northern England, having previously worked in the publishing industry and as a sports journalist (supporting Newcastle United wasn’t sufficient to put him off football for life).

He has always been a keen gamer, particularly RPGs and strategy games. After growing up on the likes of Ultima Underworld and Age of Empires, and later Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, he has since spent countless hours strategising on one of the many Total War titles in an effort to make it seem that his Ancient History degree was worthwhile.

He is excited to combine his passion for the ancient world and video games in a historical LitRPG that aims to bring his favourite elements of RPGs into the chaotic world of the Roman Republic in Empires Online (though with fewer mages). This will be his debut novel.