What genres do we accept?

Portal Books is a LitRPG focused digital publisher. Please do not send us books from other genres, including fantasy and science fiction, that do not have strong elements of LitRPG.

How we work

If we choose to work with you, our team can provide you with the resources and expertise necessary to get to grips with this unique and exciting genre. We help develop stories with a collaborative “Writer’s Room” process. Our focus is on crafting a novel with quality world-building, well-plotted storylines, believable characters and in-depth game mechanics, as well as creating a book that LitRPG readers will love.

Submission Guidelines

Portal Books operates an open submission policy, meaning you don't need to have an agent to submit your book to us. Please follow these guidelines correctly or your submission may be disregarded.

Please note at this time we are only accepting completed manuscripts unless works in progress are specifically requested.

If you have a finished manuscript of at least 90,000 words.

The following should be emailed to

  • A cover letter telling us a little about yourself and any relevant writing history

  • A plot outline of no more than 2,000 words

  • A detailed explanation of the core game mechanics - e.g. how your MCs class works, abilities, levelling system, and any other features that are critical to the plot.

  • Send your full manuscript.

Please remember to include your name and email. We aim to respond to all submissions within three weeks but this is not a guarantee.

Good luck!

Things to note

  • We accept submissions from anyone, anywhere in the world, but your writing must be in English.

  • We are happy to look at previously self-published works but you must inform us of this in your covering letter.

  • Previously rejected works will not be considered again unless specifically requested.